Empower skiers to prompt group bookings and split the payment

Let ski enthusiasts split paying for group bookings at your ski operation. They get a way to divide the payment between people or via multiple payment methods and you get new customers. Win-win.

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What makes Antic ideal for ski operators?

Lower your 
acquisition costs

Multiple people can split a single payment online, each paying their share, which means means more visitors to your platform, reducing your cost of acquisition.

Increase your conversion rate

When people can settle their shares immediately and securely - instead of after the fact - they’re more inclined to keep coming back and less likely to chargeback!

And you get paid out in a single, consolidated payment, making reconciliation way easier.

Enhance your 
data collection

Collect valuable data not just on your current customers, but on every person who pays. That way, you can hyper-personalize your marketing and sales efforts.

additional spending

Let everyone who pays see and manage their share of all the expenses to encourage them to opt in for extra services or upgrades.

Ski lovers expect seamless split pay. Antic helps you provide it.