What we are about

Antic is on a mission to create the co-payment layer of the new internet. When people buy together and share, everyone wins.

To turn this into reality, we’re creating the financial infrastructure for co-paying almost anything in a trusted and secure environment.

Our team

Antic's team comprises global technology, design, and product leaders with decades of industry experience driven by a shared mission to redefine co-payments.

With expertise in Fintech and Cybersecurity, the team develops innovative, secure, and scalable Fintech solutions.

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Our values


Trust makes up the foundation of what we do. We trust each other to be reliable, consistent and capable. And we’ll readily place our trust in you.


We confidently face adversity. There’ll always be a risk of failure. We get this done in spite of that.


Freedom of choice is inherent to Antic's mission. We work towards building freedom every day.

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