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Antic secure group pay solution lets your customers invite friends to your platform for joint payments, reducing acquisition costs and boosting conversion.

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Empower customers to pay for gifts together

Antic is perfect for gift purchases, where customers are already buying in groups but have to pay the purchaser offline.

Make group vacations and rentals easier to pay for

Let your customers pay together for luxury ski chalets, safaris and high-end accommodation, directly on your existing site.

of your customers buy together but pay offline!

Give them the flexibility to buy and pay with friends on your site, making the entire checkout flow seamless and bringing new customers to your business.

Your problem & opportunity

Increase conversions, lower your CAC

Your customers purchase high ticket items in groups. With Antic, they can invite their friends to your platform and pay for these items together.

Lower your acquisition costs.
Increase retention.
Get valuable data about every person who contributed to the payment.

Get up and running fast

Easily integrate Antic into your checkout flow. Simply onboard, connect the widget and you’re good to go.

Pay as a group with a click of a button
Payment automatically processed and sent to you

Precision data on your customers

The vendor dashboard gives you accurate insights into group behaviors and patterns, so you can effortlessly segment your customers, identify prime upsell opportunities and formulate strategies to meet your customers’ needs.

Payment flexibility supercharged

Antic has many uses, from group pay to one customer paying with multiple cards. Your customers can even split a single purchase over debit card, credit card and digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

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How Antic makes group pay easier for your customers

Customer creates a group
Commit to pay
Send a payment link
Watch the payment timer
Customer creates a group
In your existing checkout flow, your customer will see a “Pay with Antic” button. Once they click, they’ll be prompted to create a group.
Commit to pay.
Antic’s powerful split payment engine will get to work, identifying how much is needed to fund the purchase and calculating percentages.
Send a payment link
Customers will get a unique link they can copy/paste and send direct to friends, encouraging them to come to your platform to complete the payment.
Watch the payment timer
The timer lets the whole group know how much time they have left before the group purchase expires, creating urgency and driving customers to your site.


Is there a limit to the number of people in a group payment?
No, any number of people can join a split, though it’s customary to invite up to 10 people to a group.
How is the total split among participants?
Every member will be able to select their own payment method and amount, and only once the group is fully funded with the charge occur, with the payment being sent to direct to the merchant.
What payment methods are accepted?
All payment methods are accepted, from Apple Pay to Google Pay, as well as credit card and debit card.
Instead of inviting others, can one person pay 100% of the cost using with different methods?
Is using Antic secure?
Using Antic for group payments is highly secure, we work with the top payment processors, are GDPR compliant and have our solution adheres to the utmost levels of security.
Can a customer cancel or modify a group payment after it’s been set up?
A customer can decide to cancel a commitment to pay any time before the group is fully funded, or even modify their existing commitment by changing their contribution amount.